Alex and Aaron

This is a page on the two founding members of The Calling, Alex Band and Aaron Kamin. I have tried to include as much information as I can but if you feel my information may be incorrect or I have missed out some important details, please don't hesitate to contact me at my email address:

A Brief Fact file on Alex Band

  • Full Name: Alexander Max Band
  • Age: 23
  • Date of Birth: 08/07/1981 (English Format)
  • Eye Colour: Green
  • Height: 5'10" (178 cm)
  • Weight: 135 lbs
  • Shoe Size: 11 (English Size)
    12 (American Size)
  • Hometown: San Fernando Valley - Los Angeles, California
  • What Does He Do In The Band: He is lead vocals, plays some guitar and is a songwriter


  • His father, Charles Band is a movie director and owns Full Moon Entertainment (This became Shadow Entertainment a few years ago after it was decided that the films didn't have the 'Full Moon Magic' anymore), a low-budget horror movie company
  • He has an older sister named Taryn through whom he met Aaron
  • His mother, Meda left Taryn and Alex to move to Germany when Alex was just 8
  • He has 2 younger half-brothers, Harlan and Zalman who live with his dad and step-mother, Debra Dion in the United States of America
  • He also has three younger half-brothers who live in Germany with his mother
  • His family owns a castle in Giove, just outside of Rome in Northern Italy.
  • His wife is called Jennifer Wacha ( her screen name is Jennifer Sky). They met through one of Alex's father's acting classes and have been together for about 4 years, they also own a house together on West Palm Beach, Florida.


  • He has been writing and playing guitar since he was 8. Although he was thinking up silly songs in his head about having no money from the age of about three.
  • He used to be in a band called Maybe Solitude with his longtime friend Jethro Rothe-Kushel. He wrote songs, played guitar and Jethro played keyboard
  • Alex and Aaron met while Aaron was dating his sister Taryn.
  • He and Aaron were first in a band called Generation Gap,so called because they had a 40 year old bassist and 58 year old drummer. Generation Gap toured throughout Southern California
  • An oppuntunity for the band to progress further in the musical world came when the Executive Producer of RCA Records moved into the house next door to Alex
  • He and Aaron had started bugging his wife while she was gardening and sticking demo tapes into his mailbox until they got signed, on the condition that they get rid of their bassist and drummer- Not a diffucult choice to make
  • It took some time before they progressed anywhere with RCA records but eventually they did. Before being known as The Calling, they formed a band called Next Door and recorded a few demos.

Fun Facts That You Might Not Know

  • Alex is half Jewish
  • Camino Palmero, The Calling's debut album, is the named after the street Alex grew up on in LA
  • Alex went to Oakwood High School, LA, but dropped out in 10th grade to focus on his musical career but later, he earned a degree through home schooling
  • Alex has got ta scar under his left eye which he got from being attacked by a dog on Christmas Eve when he was 9 it needed 30 stitches
  • He has appeared in a few films, these are:
    Puppet Master 2 as a Cairo Child
    Doctor Modrid in an uncredited part
    Remote as Bad Boy #1
    Coyote Ugly as the lead singer in the Fiji Mermaid Club Band
    And Fish Without A Bicycle (Also known as Girls Will Be Girls) as a character called Jag
  • He has lived in 15 different houses in LA
  • He wears glasses but never in public
  • He has 2 cats, Six and a 3-legged cat named Parige (also known as Tripod-ige), even though he is allergic of cats
  • He has a stuffed version of Parige that he takes on tour with him
  • He thinks he only has 8 pairs of shoes- Well that one might not be true!
  • He stole his Dad's Viper when he was 14
  • His first car was a Range Rover
  • If he was not making music, he would be in the movie industry
  • His "Adrienne" was a girl named Anna
  • He has a tattoo of a kokopelli on his wrist, which he got done illegally when he was 14 on Hollywood Boulevard
  • His first celebrity crush was on Punky Brewster
  • He has a crush on Natalie Portman and Jennifer Love Hewitt
  • He sings in baritone
  • He has a fetish about chewing gum while singing
  • Bon Jovi was the first band Alex saw in concert. He was 12 and took his girlfriend with him in a limo
  • He was on Jay Leno when he was 12. Jay called his house because they never returned movies they rented at the local Blockbuster and they were the only people to have ever rented a movie, which the store claimed was the worst they had ever had.
  • He smokes (tut tut) but is trying to quit
  • If he was a superhero he would want to to be Batman
  • Has a red BMW M Coupe, a red Ducati 750 Monster motorcycle and a  red Ferrari - 360 Spider
  • He plucks his eyebrows for clarity
  • When he was 13, his mom gave him a square shaped pendant with a kokopelli symbol on, the only time he takes it off is when he showers
  • He is afraid of spiders
  • He gave his wife, Jennifer a Jacuzzi for the christmas of 2002
  • His favorite tracks (and the most personal to him) on Camino Palmero are Stigmatized and Could It Be Any Harder.
  • His least favorite is Things Don't Always Turn Out That Way
  • His favorite colors are red and green
  • He likes the movies Moulin Rouge, The Sixth Sense and The Matrix
  • One of his weaknesses are Ferrari's
  • His favorite drinks are Arnold Palmer - half iced tea, half lemonade and Vanilla Latte from Starbucks
  • His favorite alcoholic drink is Vodka
  • He is a huge fan of "Who Wants to be a Millionare?"
  • He likes Jeopardy and even has the board game
  • He likes to watch reruns of Beverly Hills 90210
  • He likes Wendy's and Popeye's
  • He likes Krispy Kreme donuts
  • His favorite types of food are Asian and Italian
  • His favorite stores are Diesel and Politics in LA but says he is super picky and is a self proclaimed clothes whore
  • He likes to listen to music on his IPod, which he can't live without
  • He likes to garden
  • His favorite kind of gum is Wrigley's Doublemint
  • He would like to meet Madonna
  • He listens to U2, Beatles, Ours, Coldplay, Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews Band...
  • He likes to play video games, preferably Playstation 2
  • His favorite CD is U2's Greatest Hits
  • He proposed to Jennifer by putting the ring in the bottom of her present at the Christmas of 2003.
  • They were married in their Florida home on the 25th of July 2004.
  • Their song, 'Somebody Out There' is about a child being sexually molested, when asked in an interview if he knew someone this had happened to he replied, "I didnít know someone that was abused. I was, actually. Not by my parents but by someone. It was when I was a lot younger. I didnít make that up."
  • Alex's favourite song from Two Is Anything.
  • Alex can play one song on the Saxaphone
  • Alex's lucky number is 8, hence his username on the loft, 'Alex888'

Facts About Aaron Kamin
  • Full Name: Aaron Kamm Kamin
  • Age: 27
  • Date of Birth: 10/08/1977 (English Format)
    08/10/1977(American Format)
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Hometown: San Fernando Valley - Los Angeles, California
  • What does he do in the band: He plays guitar although he is no longer touring, he is also a songwriter with Alex


  • His father, David is a lawyer
  • His mother, Marlene is a teacher
  • He has a brother called Daniel
  • He has a girlfriend called Shaina who is currently attending UCLA, studying to be a director, she is also an actress


  • He has been playing the guitar since he was about 10.
  • He also plays drums, some piano, and mandolin
  • Alex and himself met because he was dating Alex's sister, Taryn. Taryn said that Aaron had to choose between Alex and herself, Aaron chose Alex and the rest is history.
  • Dropped out of pre-med at UCLA to form a band with Alex

    Fun Facts

    • He is Jewish
    • He speaks Italian
    • He has a yellow Ducati 750 Monster
    • He used to be a class A ice hockey player
    • He was nearly electrocuted at a show in Bangkok,Thailand
    • He did not tour with the band from October 2001 until January 2002 due to illness
    • He went to High School at the LA Zoo
    • He attended UC San Diego, then transferred to UCLA
    • He was a biology major
    • He has a cat called Easy
    • One of his favorite movies is Zoolander
    • He drives a Gray Porsche
    • His first car was a black Honda Accord
    • He wrote, produced and performed a song called 'In the Eyes' for Shaina's movie "Ghosts of Genius".
    • He has got a dog, a chocolate brown, husky lab mixture named Zermatt but they call him Zer MUTT. Alex calls him Zermonster.
    • His "Adrienne" was a girl called Jasmine
    • He smokes
    • He plays Fender and Takemine Guitars
    • He wrote the story line for the Could It Be Any Harder video
    • He dropped out of premed at UCLA to be in the band!
    • He likes cars
    • Some of his favorite musicians include Peter Gabriel and Dave Matthews Band.
    • He is still friends with his buddies from elementary school
    • A&M artist Joanna worked in Record Plant's SSL-2 room with producer Aaron Kamin on her new record
    • He has a Australian sheep dog, her name is Indy

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